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WIZO Baby Home 1924-1975

The WIZO Baby Home was built with a private donation from the volunteers and members of the WIZO UK federation. As the first ‘Baby Home’ in the land of Israel, It was a turning point in the development of the Zionist State, a predecessor of the ‘Tipat Halav’ (Baby Welfare Clinics) service which were later established.

The WIZO members of England and Ireland founded the institution based on the Zionist vision and a great love of the land of Israel. It was their hope to help fulfill some of the urgent need of the community which was undergoing a period of austerity and political uprisings prior to the establishment of the State. The ‘Baby Home’ was one of the first institutions in Israel to serve as a haven for homeless and orphaned children and as a children’s hospital ward, as well as housing a library and conducting a school for nurses and caregivers..

By the 1970’s. major sociological and educational changes had occurred In Israel and WIZO embarked on a bold new approach to serve the requirements of the public. Day Care Centre was established to meet the needs of the many women who had joined the workforce, and classrooms which would provide young

people with vocational training Initiated. The Baby Home and School for Nurses were replaced by the new Day Care and Vocational Training Centers in addition to the Club for Senior Citizens, the Learning Centre , and facilities for immigration absorption activities and activities for the empowerment of women.

The name of the Centre changed to the ‘Rebecca Sieff WIZO Centre for the family’, in memory of the founder of the WIZO organization. It is the banner project of WIZO UK, an institution which has long been the cornerstone for community welfare and health services In Israel. We are proud to be a part of the highquality administration which is responsible for the realization of these goals.