Our School

WIZO Vocational High School

Recipient of the Prize for Education, 2007

Vision, initiative and creative thinking form the basis for cooperation in this unique school which resembles no other school in the country. The school, which is under the sponsorship of the Education Division in World WIZO, operates in conjunction with the Department for Special Education in the Ministry of Education, and the Department for Training and Development in the Ministry of Labor.

Who Are We:

The WIZO Vocational High School is a co-ed school for students who cannot be integrated into regular educational frameworks. Every student has an IEP (individual educational program) that includes a supportive and therapeutic environment and the opportunity to learn a vocation in one of the following tracks: chef training, hairdressing and office administration. The goal of the school is to prepare the pupils for a well balanced life as individuals, citizens and family members.

What is Special?

The vocational studies are held in modern workshops, which are spacious and in accordance with professional standards.

The classes are small and each student receives individual attention. In addition, there are a variety of therapists on staff (psychologist, social worker , counselors, and creative arts therapists) who are an integral part of the educational experience.

Vocational track

Chef Training Track Theoretical studies: The Etiquette Entertaining; Safety; Rules of Kashrut; cooking methods. Practical studies: Basic cutting; Slicing; Basic Sauces; and meal preparation.



Hairdressing Track Theoretical studies: Chemistry and chemicals; Biology – skin and hair health and diseases. Practical studies include: Experience in hair styling; haircutting; hair design; coloring; etc.





Office Administration Track Theoretical studies: The principles of structural organization;

Principles of writing in an organization; working with customers and service principles; time management; letter drafting. Practical studies include: Familiarity with the computer; experience with office software. Students on all the tracks also study core subjects such as Language; Civics; Mathematics; Literature. Graduates of all the tracks who successfully pass their final examination, receive a Vocational Certificate, Grade 1 and a Certificate on the Completion of 12 Years of Schooling. Many also simultaneously study for matriculation examinations in the core subjects.

New: Musical Sound and Production Department

In two years time, the office administration and accounting study track will be cancelled, as it no longer meets the needs of the students and enrollment is down. A description of a new modern and attractive program to replace the existing one is outlined below


With the opening of the school year we opened a new track in school: Musical Sound and Production

This field is in high demand in today's computerized world and will open the doors for employment for the graduates of WIZO Beit Hakerem. During their studies, students will be involved in all aspects of planning and producing school assemblies and ceremonies which will boost their self confidence and social skills.  

This program is unique in that it is the only program being offered in a vocational high school for youth who have been assessed as having special educational learning needs. WIZO has been planning this program together with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and it has been adjusted to meet the student body's unique learning needs.


‘Avivim’ One Year Program

The school operates a one year program for girls and boys aged 16-18 who have completed ten years of schooling who want to study in a supportive ‘ short term vocational studies program. The ‘Avivim’ pupils learn in the hairdressing and office management trends. Avivim’ is a unique program and the pupils participate in all extracurricular school activities.

The graduates of the ‘Avivim’ course receive a Grade 1 Vocational Certificate and a Certificate for the Completion of Studies in the School.

Practical Training

We believe that by providing each child with support and guidance while he Is training him to work in his field, we are better preparing him for success in the workforce.

With this in mind, our pupils in the eleventh and twelfth grades work outside the school under the guidance and instruction of a community coach. The school is in close contact with the employers who help with their integration.

Conditions for Acceptance

Vocational trends – pupils are sent by a Referrals Committee for special education pupils.Boys and girls from the ages of sixteen and a half to eighteen who have completed at least ten years schooling are accepted in the One Year Program ‘Avivim’.


In 2007, a survey was conducted amongst graduate students from previous years in which they expressed their satisfaction with both the high standard of their studies and the introduction they had received into the workforce. The Jerusalem Municipality Prize for Education 2006-2007 was awarded to the WIZO Vocational School in Bet Hakerem