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Education, Enrichment and Leisure


As it’s name suggests, The “Rebecca Sieff WIZO Centre for the Family” is active in communal life, attuned to changing needs, and operates various programs for the population, whatever their age.


It is never too late to choose a new path and grow both personally and professionally.

Courses are offered to the general public, organizations and various institutions. The courses are mainly for ‘job seekers’ who want to change professions, learn a trade or find an extra source of income. Several of the courses are financed by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. The successful students are presented with professional, government certification. We are often approached by various bodies to organize a training course for their workers. The subjects are varied and include office skills, early age care, wood art, social sciences, Massage therapists,Medical clowning, College of detectives and security officers, cosmetology, etc.

Our teachers, who are experienced and long serving, treat every pupil individually, providing support throughout the course.

Enrichment and Courses for all Ages.


There are a wide range of enrichment activities and courses, in the Centre , for all ages, from the early age group to senior citizens, which are led by the best teachers and organizations in the country including: judo, martial arts, folk dancing, bridge, yoga, weight reduction groups, etc.

The staff at the Centre develops and provides unique enrichment activities in the WIZO Day Care Centre in

Bet Hakerem, which they also offer to the general public: ‘House of Stories’, ‘Museum of Sound and Listening’ ‘Legoland’, Dialogue with Parents. There are several branches of public and educational institutions who use the Centre , for regular activities such as: the Open University, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Social Affairs, etc.




A synagogue is used in the Centre during weekends and Jewish holidays by residents of the area.